Sunday, June 2, 2013

Early Burial
Possible rendition of Homo Heidelbergensis

Northern Spain, =/-300,000 years ago

Ra was in front.  Ru was behind him.  They had seen the young mammoth that had gotten lost from the other mammoths.  This mammoth would be great food for the rest.  The cold time was coming too, and fur was needed to keep warm when the fires went low.
Ra and Ru had gone out together for many cold and warm times.  Most times they would get good food for the women and babies.  Today would be another good day.
The young mammoth trumpeted mournfully, lost and looking for its family.  Ra heard the sadness of it, but food was more important.  Soon, the mammoth would be  near the big rocks, and Ra and Ru could run down and throw their spears.  The rocks were not a full trap, as the water cliffs a day away were, but a confused animal could stay there enough time to be killed.
Ra waited.  He could hear Ru creeping quietly behind him.  Ra put out a hand, and Ru would know that they would not run now, but soon.
The young mammoth walked into the large rocks, Ra waved Ru to follow, and began to run.  As he ran he heard a thud and shortened scream behind him but did not pay attention.  The young mammoth was near and it was time to throw spears.  Ra threw his spear with a ferocious cry toward the mammoth.  It hit the mammoths flank, stayed for a moment, then fell off.  Ra yelled in frustration, and waited for Ru to throw.  But no other spear came.  The young mammoth bellowed in surprise and fury.  Stumbling around the rocks, it found a way out.  The wound on ints flank bled, but would not kill it.  In the far distance, Ra could hear the other mammoths trumpeting in reply.  Ra picked up his spear, and turned to find Ru.
Ru was lying face down, his head at an odd angle on a small rock.  His spear was on the ground in front of him.  Ra grunted, "Rrruu."
No response.  Ra kicked him in the ribs.  Ru didn't move.  Ra looked more closely.  Ru was not moving and his breath was gone.  Ra grunted and sat down next to Ru in confusion.  Ru would not help him on this hunt.
Ra stood up after the sun had moved.  He turned to walk back to their home of the cold time, a cave in the small mountain.  He walked a few steps, then turned and looked again at Ru.  He turned and walked again.  A bird's harsh cry made him turn and look back at Ru.  The bird was large, and was sitting on Ru, pecking at his head.  Not knowing why, Ra charged at the bird and waved him off.  He sat awhile more.  Ru would not move again, but Ra felt alone without him. With a grunt, not unlike the mournful cry of the lost mammoth, he stood up then bent and grabbed Ru's arms.  He dragged Ru back to the home of the cold time.
 Ra and Ru had always come here for the cold time.  Ra knew what to do when he returned.
Their was silence from everyone when they saw Ru being dragged by Ra.  Ra dragged him all the way through the cave to the back.  With another anguished grunt, he threw his brother down into the pit that went into the black.  No birds would peck at him here.

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