Welcome to Ancient Agendas

Yes, this is me, as a Neanderthal. Or a bad hair day...

Hello! Welcome to Ancient Agendas.  First of all, I want to say here that I am absolutely NOT a scientist.  Of any sort.  As much as I like Anthropology, Archeology, Paleontology,  and Linguistics, I just cannot get into a logical mindset about any of them.  When I see a headline about the possibility of Neanderthal art, or charred bones that proved ancient hominids were cooking long before agriculture, my very intelligent response is "Wow, keeewwwwlll..."

And so, lacking any formal education in any of the above fields of study, and never having worked on a dig, I am anyway and anyhow going to blog.  As in the description, which says in full, "..A non-scientific blog about our ancestors, and what they did, or might have done", my blogging intention here is to take that "Wow, keeewwwwlll..." and turn it into something that is hopefully entertaining, thought-provoking, original, and even plausible.

Comments here or to auraburrows@gmail.com are welcome. Not only that, but if you'd like to see a prehistoric event brought to fictionalized life, please email me at auraburrows@gmail.com. Generally I work with about 2 1/2 million years ago, until Roman times, but I can be flexible.

Other than the beauty above, you may notice the lack of Neanderthal mentions here. The current reason is I am actually researching and planning on writing a book in depth regarding them, so am saving my Neanderthal agendas for that opus.

 And may I say here, again reminding my readers this is non-scientific, if I occasionally put a bow and arrow into the arms of a Neanderthal, or have homo habilis cooking in ceramic pots, well, the error is unintentional...except for the 2 previously mentioned, those are intentional.  If one is completely  new to the world of  prehistory, then realize I've just given cell-phones to the ancient Greeks. (as Og finds an Apple in a Blackberry bush...)


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